Drummer with Professional Attitude in Minneapolis / St Paul, MN.   I will help withe, Wedding, Church or Other Event.

Terry Nelson

(651) 638-9428


Growing up in rural northern Wisconsin, I started playing Guitar in 5th grade.    I remember staying awake until 1 or 2 in the morning many nights just picking on a guitar and learning songs.   In my earlier years, I played percussion instruments in high school band, but never played the drum set.    At home I only played guitar, because I had no drums of my own.     

After many years of playing guitar as a hobby, my church was very much in need of a drummer.   I stepped in with some reluctance since I had not touched a drum stick of any kind for 18 years, and since I had never played a drum set.

My first attempts at the drum set went well enough.     The drum set felt comfortable (kind of like home), and the rest of my musical life could be nothing but as a drummer.      Together with the help of Gordy Knudtson and usually many hours of practice per day, my drumming has come a long way.   

The local drummers who have most influenced my playing are Gordon Knudtson of the Steve Miller Band, Rob Stupka of the (Tom Hunter Blues and The Butanes) and Doug James of the Rockin Hollywood's.    I am so thankful to these friends for how much of a blessing they have been to me!

I thank God for the gift and the blessing that drumming has been.    I also thank Gordy for all he has done to help me.   Gordy is sincerely one of the nicest guys I know and while he did not invent the drums, he has surely mastered them!     In addition I am grateful to the many bands and artists that I have played and recorded with.